Written Works by I G Hulme


I G Hulme has written many works over the years, from the breathtakingly rich world of The Heavenfield, where every detail is catalogued and explored in The Heavenfield Datavault, to heartfelt children’s stories of The Circle of Souls series, via eclectic poems and song lyrics.

Here is a selection of works currently available in print.

The Heavenfield books are also available in Enhanced Audiobook editions.

Into the Fire

The Universe is in chaos.
Humanity is on the run from an unstoppable invasion.
Riding the tide of the great retreat is Ryann Wade, smuggler, mercenary, bounty-hunter – a man making a killing while death spirals all around.
But the money isn’t enough.
There is only one thing that Ryann wants…

INTO THE FIRE is the first book in the LUMINA series, a fast-paced space saga that follows Ryann Wade in his coming of age, just as the colonised galaxy faces the threat of an imminent invasion. Lots of action – dogfights in space – what’s not to like! 😉

For all of you who love Star Wars, Star Trek, Serenity, Starship Troopers – a great sci-fi epic military space-shooter!

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The Heavenfield

The Heavenfield novel follows Dr. Grace Palmer, Head of the Maunsworth Research Facility, and Thomas Sullivan, an awkward eccentric, as the Standing-Point Project they work on leads them and their colleagues into a frightening new world they name ‘The Heavenfield’.

But people around the globe also have conflicting interests in the Field, and are prepared to bring the world to the brink of destruction to see those interests fulfilled.

Part spy novel, part sci-fi thriller with ominous and mysterious undercurrents, The Heavenfield has been described as ‘thought-provoking, a compelling story with strong elements of allegory, beautiful and mesmerising’.

The Dead Man’s Feast

The sequel to The Heavenfield story sees a return for Grace Palmer to the Standing-Point Project after the chaos of the Battle of Maunsworth Field.

But things have changed radically since those climactic events, and her team find themselves facing altogether new adversaries as well as old.

Thomas Sullivan, awkward eccentric and visionary of the Heavenfield Project finds himself lost within a terrifying inner journey, and ultimately stands at a crossroads, where the wrong choice of path could lead to the destruction of the world as we know it…

The Diary of Otto Kandinsky

The Diary of Otto Kandinsky is a companion novel to the Heavenfield series, and takes the form of a series of journal entries from a young soldier, recruited to the Exile cause.

Set in the times before the first Heavenfield novel, when the Exiles built their Fortress and began to build up their fighting strength, it follows Otto through his training to become a member of the notorious Wraith squads, messianic warriors tasked with assassinating key figures around the globe in an attempt to put a stop to all Heavenfield research.

As events run up to those detailed in the first Heavenfield novel, Otto must help salvage the remains of the Exiles’ cause, and ultimately join forces with his previous enemies, as they unite against an overwhelming force that threatens to bring the world to the brink of destruction…

The Witch’s Heart

The first book of ‘The Circle of Souls’ short story series.

A Tale of Erebus & Maia.

Erebus & Maia are due to be married, Prince & Princess, loved throughout the land.
But there is one within the kingdom who is jealous of their love, a terrible Witch, who will stop at nothing until she has stolen their power for her own…

“A beautiful & compelling tale for children & adults alike.”

A Cruel Angel

The second book of ‘The Circle of Souls’.

A Tale of Erebus & Maia.

“There was one who entered the Kingdom of Heaven who was God’s finest achievement. She was fashioned from the most delicate light, the rarest jewels He could find, and was the most beloved of His children. She was the fairest angel amongst angels, and she was named Maia…”

“An exquisite modern fairy-tale of a love that spans lifetimes.”

A Star of Two Suns

The third book of ‘The Circle of Souls’.

A Tale of Erebus & Maia.

“This is a tale told within a tale; and the story of how the fair lady Maia and the dark lord Erebus came to haunt its telling. Much has been told of their sojourn within the realms of the Earth, but there are stories also of the Beginnings, and these are told within the Kingdom of Heaven…”

“A haunting story of magic & fable, a timeless Fairy-Tale…”

The Ruby House

The Ruby House is in essence the true beginning of The Circle of Souls.

The story draws upon the previous short story fragments to create a rich mythology, interweaving an epic tale of a fantasy world seen through the eyes of ten year-old Maia, while she grows up within a world of scheming royal courts and the looming threat of civil war.

Lady Maia Swanne of House Emerald is happy to have returned from the dusty Provinces with her Father, Duke Ferdinand, but not everything is as it seems with the Kingdom of Heldrasse. Soon, she will be thrown into a world of magic and corruption, where the Great Houses plot and vie for power, and where a Book of Souls suggests that Maia will be at the heart of events that will change the course of history.

At the time of writing I have almost completed the first draft of the story; you can track the progress below:


First Draft


Copied Up