A war upon the Gods themselves…

Ryann and Angelique find themselves aboard the Defiance, surrounded by a thousand Luminal warships.

It seems impossible to escape, but somehow they must survive…

When Ryann and the Ghost-Runners find themselves at the centre of a brutal war, their only chance of survival seems to run and hide.
Danger is all around, both without and within. The Defiance is now home to a thousand refugees and the threat of unrest and betrayal is growing.
But unexpectedly, Ryann soon finds himself upon an altogether different journey of discovery, one that threatens to drive him to the very brink of madness.

“Amazing sci-fi space opera that is action packed from the getup…”

LUMINA Book #3 - Heaven's Call by I.G. Hulme

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LUMINA Book #3 - Heaven's Call by I.G. Hulme


The complete, unabridged story, narrated by the author.

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LUMINA Book #3 - Heaven's Call by I.G. Hulme